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Target market research specialist
Full-time position (1 position available)

Location: Deerfield Beach, FL

Job Duties:

●  Identify target markets for the company’s branding using market research, statistical data analysis and
strategic modeling concepts.

●  Assist in conducting analysis of research studies and create insightful and depth presentations to help drive strategy and planning focusing on expanding the market and prospective customers.

●  Collect and tracks information about competitors and target customers to develop market strategy.

●  Use industry market research tools including Microsoft Access, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, Pareto Analysis to conduct industry/market research and deliver the marketing analysis.

●  Build final reports in both MS Word, PowerPoint, and/or other tools as needed.

●  Summarize and communicate research data and brand information to support strategic business decisions.

●  Participate in industry events to understand market trends and developments that can be useful for the company.

●  Knowledge of Microsoft Access, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, Pareto Analysis

Required experience/education:
Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, Marketing and all related fields.
At least 48 months experience as a Marketing specialist/Analyst and all related.

To be determined at the job interview.
Please send your detailed resume and cover letter to info@spectorlab.com